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OpenSMTPD reporting update

by gilles [@], on the 2018-11-09 08:27:00+01:00

The reporting mechanism has been described shortly in my previous article about both reporting and filters.
Let's focus a bit more on the reporting bits this time.
The format is improving further and has extended to outgoing trafic reporting.


In previous article, I described the events …

OpenSMTPD released and upcoming filters preview

by gilles [@], on the 2018-11-03 17:27:00+01:00

Filters have been a (the most ?) long awaited feature in OpenSMTPD.
I finally committed most of the filters code to OpenBSD.
There is still a bit of work required but the trickiest parts are done.
This article describes how filters are implemented and what to expect.

Good news, everyone!

OpenSMTPD 6 …

switching to OpenSMTPD new config

by gilles [@], on the 2018-05-21 18:32:00+02:00

Switching to new config is not too hard and can be done in minutes.
The new config is also a new queue that is not backwards compatible.
The easiest way is to flush the mail queue before switching.
We came up with a solution to help maintainers of …

OpenSMTPD new config

by gilles [@], on the 2018-04-30 12:00:00+02:00

OpenBSD #p2k18 hackathon took place at Epitech in Nantes.
I was organizing the hackathon but managed to make progress on OpenSMTPD.
As mentionned at EuroBSDCon the one-line per rule config format was a design error.
A new configuration grammar is almost ready and the underlying structures are simplified …

Install OpenBSD on dedibox with full-disk encryption

by gilles [@], on the 2018-01-29 23:28:00+01:00

I run several "dedibox" servers at, all powered by OpenBSD.
OpenBSD is not officially supported so you have to work-around.
Running full-disk encrypted OpenBSD there is a piece of cake.
As a bonus, my first steps within a brand new booted machine ;-)

Step #0: choosing your …