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News from the front !

by gilles [@], on the 2018-01-08 12:11:00+01:00


Came very close to a burn out late 2016, had to quit former employer.
Started working at another company early 2017.
Became a student again, currently halfway through second year in psychology.
Haven't done much opensource since early 2017, slowly resuming.

Happy new year !

I wish you …

Welcome to you, 2013

by gilles [@], on the 2013-01-08 23:16:43+01:00


I know I should have posted a “Happy New Year” note earlier but you know how it is: new year eve’s aftermath, days to recover, work resumes, mood slacks, bleh.

Anyway, today’s note is simply about that: wishing you and me an awesome year 2013 and hoping …

fatigue et envie de vacances…

by gilles [@], on the 2005-05-21 00:00:00+02:00

Je sais pas pourquoi, mais je suis epuise alors que j’ai dormi pres de 14h cette nuit. J’ai envie de faire une pause, de me prendre une annee de vacances au bord de la plage les doigts de pieds dans le sable fin blanc pendant qu’on me …