You should not run your mail server because mail is hard

TL;DR: - Mail is not hard: people keep repeating that because they read it, not because they tried it - Big Mailer Corps are quite happy with that myth, it keeps their userbase growing - Big Mailer Corps control a large percentage of the e-mail address space which is good for none of us - It's ok that people have their e-mails hosted at Big Mailer Corps as long as there's enough people outside too EDIT (2019-12-15) A practical guide to set up a mail exchanger was published on this blog. [Read More]

August 2019 report: Fion, Plakar and OpenSMTPD

Tl;DR: - small inprovements to the fion window manager - plakar is a backup utility I wrote a long time ago that I will share - tons of opensmtpd stuff, mostly filters and issues handling Shout outs to my patrons ! As has become the habit, this report begins with a big thank you to my patrons, cited by contribution then alphabetical order. This month has been sponsored by: [Read More]

July 2019 report: tons of smtpd work mostly

TL;DR: - not much work outside of OpenSMTPD this week - OpenSMTPD portable builds with OpenSSL 1.1.x again - smtp-out reporting is working correctly on my laptop - wrote two filters that I'm actually using as you read this Shout outs to my patrons ! As will become the tradition hopefully, this report begins with a big thank you to my patrons, cited by contribution then alphabetical order. [Read More]

June 2019 report: fion, bpg and smtpd

TL;DR: - started working on FION, a static tile window manager - revived BPG, a PGP parser - converted OpenSMTPD to libtls - wrote a library to make writing of native C OpenSMTPD filters easy - started writing a filter-rspamd Thanks to my patrons ! First of all, a huge thanks to my first patrons: Bleader Raton Diego Meseguer Mischa Peters Vegar Linge Halaand I have recently switched to a 75% part-time schedule at work so that I can spend a “free” week each month working on my own stuff, mostly opensource, without any kind of pressure: no one knows what I’ll be working on and no one but me gets to decide how I’ll spend this time. [Read More]

May 2019 report

TL;DR: In this post I explain crudely how ca.c works and changes to OpenSMTPD related to ca.c I wrote an ECDSA privsep crypto engine I did some EEG work too This is the first report I will now switch to a monthly report of my tech activities on this blog, and this is the first post in that new format. The focus will be put on interesting topics, not necessarily every single commit and bug fix I do (ie: won’t mention LMTP bug fix here), this depends on the amount of slacking that ocurred during the month and how much I want to cover it up :-) [Read More]

happy new year 2019, a personal post

TL;DR: Way too many things happened in a six months timeframe. This post won't need a TL;DR as I'll keep it short. Generalized anxiety disorder and alexithymia. Late 2018, I’ve been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and alexithymia a couple weeks apart. The anxiety disorder didn’t really come as a surprise as I know very well the traumatic experience that led to the disorder. It’ll still take a lot of hours of hypnosis to continue cleaning up trauma after trauma, but taking care of it and releasing some of the traumas has improved considerably my anxiety. [Read More]

OpenSMTPD now supports regex in match rules

TL;DR: regex table lookups were introduced for builtin filters. After a few weeks of working solely on filters, I wanted to work on something else. Using the same mechanism, all match criterias using tables can support regex. K_REGEX lookups The table mechanism is used within OpenSMTPD to perform all kinds of lookups. Recently, while working on builtin filters, I introduced the K_REGEX lookup type allowing tables to serve regex(3) patterns. [Read More]

more on OpenSMTPD filters

TL;DR: Not this time, pal/gal, I took hours writing this post, you'll take a few minutes reading it all. Oh, and merry X-mas :-* A bit of short-sighted history The filtering feature has been introduced only recently in OpenSMTPD, first presented on this blog a month ago. I had a working proof-of-concept running on my laptop and my plan was to start bringing the code to the OpenBSD tree, small chunks by small chunks, through a serie of diffs. [Read More]

OpenSMTPD proc filters & fc-rDNS

TL;DR: I *FINALFUCKINGLY* commited proc filters support allowing full filtering in OpenSMTPD. eric@ implemented fc-rDNS lookups. fc-rDNS fc-rDNS, or forward-confirmed reverse DNS, consists in performing a reverse DNS lookup to determine the hostname associated to an IP address… then performing a DNS lookup on that hostname to check if it resolves back to the IP address. On my request, eric@ implemented fc-rDNS lookups in our SMTP engine, causing OpenSMTPD to perform the double lookup upon clients connections. [Read More]

OpenSMTPD reporting update

TL;DR: The reporting mechanism has been described shortly in my previous article about both reporting and filters. Let's focus a bit more on the reporting bits this time. The format is improving further and has extended to outgoing trafic reporting. Reporting In previous article, I described the events reporting mechanism that has been introduced in the development branch of OpenSMTPD. To sum it up, you could now write an event processor as simple as a shell script reading its stdin on a loop: [Read More]