The state of filters

TL;DR: yeeeees, filters are coming. don't believe us ? here's an example. be patient. On my death bed On my death bed, when my life flashes before my eyes and I start recalling what people have told me during my (hopefully long) lifetime, these sentences will single out: “When will OpenSMTPD support filters ? I need it.” Not that it carries a philosophical meaning that will have taken me a lifetime of thinking, but because for the last three years I have been hearing this every time I met someone IRL and discussed OpenSMTPD, I have read it on our Github issues tracker, on GTalk, on IRC, on Twitter, on Facebook, on random forums, and just this week three times in my mailbox. [Read More]

Some OpenSMTPD overview, part 3

EHLO, This is the third post of a series about OpenSMTPD improvements that have taken place since this summer. Content altering For a long time, we have developed OpenSMTPD with a strict rule that the daemon should not alter DATA (as in the DATA SMTP phase) in any way. The rationale was that by enforcing that rule, the message writing was simplified as the smtp process would simply read data from a client and write it, without any post-processing, to a file descriptor. [Read More]

Some OpenSMTPD overview, part 2

Why we killed the MFA (filter) process For as long as I can remember, a process called MFA was created by OpenSMTPD at start time. MFA stood for “Mail Filter Agent” and the goal of that process was initially to take care of all filtering tasks ranging from filtering senders based on the ruleset matching to starting and controlling filters. As time passed by, we figured the lookup process was better suited for ruleset matching and the MFA process became mostly idle, we renamed it to “filter” process since the only thing it had to do was take care of starting filters and making sure they had the proper environment. [Read More]

Some OpenSMTPD overview, part 1

EHLO world ! Yesterday I thought I’d write a first OpenSMTPD-related post to sum up the changes that have happened since this summer but it turned out to be painful as they amount to quite a lot. Instead, I think a better strategy is to split this into a serie of smaller posts focused on the specific changes ;-) So, in June I have organized a mini hackathon at my brand new place and invited some of the French Connection at home. [Read More]

what the fsck did just happen

Good news everyone ! With last post dating from almost a year, we can all agree that I’ve outpassed my slacking skills by a great margin and I probably deserve an award of some kind ;-) Anyways, there’s been a few complaints during these 12 months because this blog was the main source of information for the OpenSMTPD project and several posts which used to describe features and configuration samples had suddenly disappeared. [Read More]


EHLO readers, This blog post is the first since a few months, I’ve been busy and struggling with some personal health and familial issues. I won’t share them here as its not really something anyone can help with, so… let’s focus on OpenSMTPD ! What happened since last post When I wrote the last blog post, we had just released 5.3.2 which was a minor release that fixed a few non-critical bugs that were reported to us since the first major release a few months earlier. [Read More]

OpenSMTPD improvements summary

Hey, No OpenSMTPD news since almost a month… time to break the trend ! As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been busy with other work but still a git log shows that between Eric and I we have accumulated quite a few things during this month. Below is a short non-exhaustive summary of changes and news. All of it is already pushed to our Github mirror and part of the snapshots that were published yesterday. [Read More]

Installer OpenBSD sur une dedibox Classic+ Gen2

Yop, Les services de sont hébergés sur plusieurs serveurs. Le serveur principal à été basculé d’un petit hébergeur US “OpenBSD-friendly” vers depuis 3 ans maintenant. J’ai rusé à l’époque pour installer OpenBSD sur la Dedibox “DC” en utilisant une vieille version de Yaifo et en faisant des upgrades successives du système d’exploitation. Mis à part 3 petits downtimes dont 1 de ma responsabilité, je n’ai jamais eu à me plaindre de leurs services et de leur matériel. [Read More]

OpenSMTPD: table_proc, queue_proc, crypto queue and other stuff

Yop, This week has been very productive with several tickets closed and more about to be closed. Eric has done an amazing work as you will soon realize ;-) I will push to our Github mirror and publish a snapshot this week-end very likely, until then don’t look for the features, only we have them ! Compressed and Encrypted queue While working on bringing back encrypted queue support, I ran into a couple issues. [Read More]

News from the front

OHAI, I have not updated this blog since the release of OpenSMTPD 5.3, over a month ago. In the meantime, some minor bugs have been fixed and we have released OpenSMTPD 5.3.1. The main reason for the silence is that I was busy with completely unrelated day-time work, unrelated opensource code, the OpenSMTPD book in progress and some minor health issues that have caused endless side-effects keeping my mind away from this blog. [Read More]