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what the fsck did just happen

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Gilles Chehade
Gilles Chehade
I’m not a cat.
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Good news everyone !

With last post dating from almost a year, we can all agree that I’ve outpassed my slacking skills by a great margin and I probably deserve an award of some kind ;-)

Anyways, there’s been a few complaints during these 12 months because this blog was the main source of information for the OpenSMTPD project and several posts which used to describe features and configuration samples had suddenly disappeared. I’m sorry about that, I guess an explanation is in order.

I didn’t close it out of rage, nor trip on a cable, nor lose content in a database crash or whatever. I made a bad tech decision at a very bad time.

What happened is that this blog relies on another project of mine for storage, and that project needed some love, so I had taken the decision to simply put the blog in pause for the week-end until I could finish what I wanted to finish on that other project.

While I had taken it down for a few days, life bit me. Family and health issues I was dealing with at that time had worsened, then while coping with that an opportunity to leave Paris and move to the city of Nantes had popped-up overflowing me with much higher priority things to deal with like preparing the moving out for one. As you can imagine, the blog has plummeted at the booooooottom of a very high list of things I had to take care of.

Now, I’ve moved in to Nantes for a few months already, things have eventually settled down for the better or the worse, and I finally managed to find some time to work back on fixing my other project to bring this blog back up. I’m not done, but I don’t intend to take it down again so I hacked up a shit-tons of indirections here and there to let me improve the storage without taking the entire universe down with me.

I’ll resume posting about OpenSMTPD and technical topics starting next week, I still need to finish a few unrelated things first.

Note that this is not an official OpenSMTPD website, just the personal blog of one of the developers so unlike before I will be posting more and more stuff that are unrelated and implement categories so that you don’t have to go through my personnal / political / music / martial arts / pro-Palestinian ramblings ;-)

Be back in a few days !

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