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News from the front !

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Gilles Chehade
Gilles Chehade
I’m not a cat.
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Table of Contents
Came very close to a burn out late 2016, had to quit former employer.
Started working at another company early 2017.
Became a student again, currently halfway through second year in psychology.
Haven't done much opensource since early 2017, slowly resuming.

Happy new year ! #

I wish you a very happy new year 2018 and hope that you succeed in whatever you attempt.

It feels odd to write again to this blog considering the last blog post dates from September 2016, over a year ago.

I didn’t lack interest in writing but I almost burnt out at my former company, which killed all my motivation to touch a computer outside of dayjob whatsoever, and had to quit my former employer to begin a new job somewhere else in early 2017.

This change, in addition to my numerous psychology night classes and my many many many hypnosis sessions and trainings, has left me with almost no spare time to boot a laptop at home.

I must admit that I enjoyed putting some distance between computers and myself for a change. It allowed me to focus on things a bit less virtual and to enjoy the few times I actually booted an OpenBSD machine to write some code.

It would be a lie to say I didn’t do a thing, I actually have plenty of code that has moved forward: 2018 will be the year I start sharing back code ;-)

I’ll keep this blog post short, there are two posts coming shortly, so in the meantime…


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