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Building my own guitar, part 2
·385 words·2 mins
Gilles Chehade
music guitar diy
TL;DR: Received the neck… too bad it’s not exactly the one I ordered :-) The neck # For the neck, I wanted a 24 frets neck and found one that I liked online.
Building my own guitar, part 1
·252 words·2 mins
Gilles Chehade
music guitar diy
TL;DR: I’m building a guitar from scratch, picking up every component but skipping the tricky cut and glue bits :-) About this project # The primary goal of this project is to build a custom guitar, picking each and every component one by one, so that it’s 100% what I want it to be.
A new section appeared !
·83 words·1 min
Gilles Chehade
TL;DR: I will be discussing music on this blog from now on. This blog is a musical blog too # As some of you know, I have a deep interest for music.
March 2023: Melodya, MHL, MIDI-csv and more...
·918 words·5 mins
Gilles Chehade
TL;DR: I played with MIDI and ChatGPT. Code-unrelated work # I began a few week ago a certified training in music production which I’ll be attending for a couple weeks still, and I’ll be sharing here some of the things I work on.
I love you
·783 words·4 mins
Gilles Chehade
Almost four years ago, your mom and I left home and rushed to the maternity hospital to give birth to your brother. As I closed the door to our home, I told your mom with a huge smile that the next time we’d open the door we’d no longer be only the two of us.


December 2022: some more earmuff and go-harmony
·3408 words·16 mins
Gilles Chehade
TL;DR: I worked on earmuff and go-harmony, I played with ChatGPT. Re-focusing on go-harmony # As you may have read from my previous post, I have spent some time porting go-harmony to the Dart language and playing with Flutter to build apps that used dart-harmony.
November 2022: feedchain, go-harmony, dart-harmony and harmonee
·1828 words·9 mins
Gilles Chehade
TL;DR: busy month, did a lot of non tech stuff, but also worked on a new project called feedchain, fixed issues and added new features to go-harmony, and started two projects called dart-harmony and harmonee, both related to music.
Feedchain is a standalone news feed project
·2492 words·12 mins
Gilles Chehade
TL;DR: I implemented a file format to support a standalone feed of news similar to what I have on Twitter, as well as a proof of concept code for a reader, a writer, a publishing node, and some more.
October 2022: blog comments, a bit of plakar and the streamchain project
·1389 words·7 mins
Gilles Chehade
technology plakar backups
TL;DR: added comments support to the blog, did some music and hypnosis projects, fixed a few bugs in plakar and began a new toy project.
June 2022: go-harmony and earmuff
·2070 words·10 mins
Gilles Chehade
TL;DR: did a lot of music, even while writing code. Code-unrelated work # As last month, I’ll start with code-unrelated work ! First, here’s my progress on learning Hyunsoo Lee’s adaptation of Bach’s Air on G string, still not quite right and with some missing parts but… slowly getting there:
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