Sponsor me !

In February 2019, I switched to a 75% part-time schedule so that I could spend one week each month working on my own stuff at the cost of slashing a quarter of my wage.

I spend all of these weeks working on opensource software and writing articles, however I depend on sponsorship from the community to maintain that planning. Without enough sponsors, I need to skip some weeks and take contracts and sponsored developments to cover my expenses.

I opened a patreon and registered to the github sponsoring program so that eople who find value in my work can sponsor me and allow me to spend more time publishing stuff for the community.

For a year, github will match your funding. Prefer Github over Patreon if you’re willing to sponsor me and haven’t yet. If you are already a sponsor on Patreon and don’t mind switching to Github, it will double your contribution at no cost for you.